About us


inggod is a young team sharing fitness apparel articles, supported by millions of customers around the world.

By producing and presenting to you the most useful, eco-friendly & affordable products; we are devoted to establishing a complex where you can always experience fast and easy shipping, with warm and considerate service.

The founder Jenny Chao and Ethan Allen are couples who are both interested in workout and eco-friendly & modern health living style. They know how important a comfortable, useful, and eco-friendly product to a customer when doing exercise or enjoying daily life. They spent a lot of time studying and researching fitness apparel materials and design.

After 3 years of systemize study, they decided to establish a complex where producing and sharing fitness apparel and accessories. So inggod is born and concentrated on high-quality products at affordable prices.



Our team works around-the-clock to bring you the most updated styles.

We listen to our customers and are always finding innovative ways to improve and deliver the most coveted products at a moment’s notice. It’s our top priority to ensure that our customers always feel confident and included.

We cater to anyone who has an affinity for fashion, modern and fitness. Regardless of shape, personal style, or gender, we’re here to fit everyone.

Today, inggod’s mission remains the same—making affordable fashion and accessible to customers around the world